Three Hills 2021 Grenache

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Grenache is widely grown across the Mediterranean but arguably reaches its
highest expression in Chateunef du Pape and the Rioja in Spain. Old vine
Grenache is also revered by some winemakers in the Barossa. It is not generally
considered a good subject for Margaret River, let alone Karridale and is
produced by very few growers. This represents a deficiency of the imagination.
It has proved to be one of the most successful and attractive varieties that we
grow and is the backbone of our Happs PF Red.

Grenache, left to its own devices will produce a 25 ton to the hectare but the
wine will be thin and unattractive. Our vines are thinned to one bunch per shoot
which has the effect of removing almost half the crop and concentrating the

We find Grenache a joy to have in our cellar. It provides us with the same relief
from full bodied wines that we experience with Pinot Noir, Tinta Cao and

Three Hills 2021 Grenache
Three Hills 2021 Grenache