Wines crafted by adventurous innovators

At the forefront of innovation since 1978.

At Happs we pride ourselves on being inventive, creative and innovative. That's why many of the things you know and love about Happs are so unique.

Innovative Wines

Preservative-Free Wines

Happs was one of the first wineries in Australia to apply careful techniques to create elegant wines without the use of sulphur dioxide. We've created three extremely popular preservative-free wines a white, red and pink.



Since 1983 this has been one of our most popular wines. In order to create this crowd pleaser we built specialised tanks to capture the unique bubbles that make this drink so popular.


outdoor cellar door - a first for the region

We were the first to offer wine tastings in a unique all-weather outdoor relaxing, self-service format in the region. This is where you get to explore more than 40 award-winning, handcrafted mouth-watering wines at your own pace and discover why its such a hit with all our visitors.

Innovative Award-winning Winemaking and Viticulture

Holistic Vineyard Management

At Happs our whole process in producing grapes is holistic. Even the grape skins go straight back into our vineyards' soil. Returning essential nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, calcium and phosphates into the ground for the our next mouthwatering harvest.

Fusing the old with the new

The ancient technique of making wine in clay dates back over 8000 years. Aging in clay creates a different style than oak or stainless steel. The resulting wines are often bright, fresh and filled with energy. Happs is now fusing its passion for wine and clay to bring you a unique wine-tasting experience. Watch this space for more.