iSeries 2023 East of Alice White

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Wine is so very often enjoyed with good food. When combined in the right way both the food and wine taste better than either by themselves and this is the desired result when matching wine and food.

The aim of the East of Alice White blend is to produce a distinctly textural wine that has complexity and compliments food. To achieve this we have used a combination of Semillon & Viognier which are varieties that naturally produce rich textural wines and respond well to yeast lees aging.

Whilst not a traditional blend we feel that this combination moderates the intense varietal characters of both varieties and produces a wine with many layers of interesting and contrasting flavours.

For some fun we suggest you try a glass of this wine by itself and then a second matched with Manchego.

AROMA: Lifted aroma of white flowers, quince, pear, fresh cut straw, almond meal and apple pie with hints of apricot, honey suckle, rockmelon and lemon tart. 

PALATE: Is full flavoured, rich and textural with flavours of lemon curd, custard apple, nectarine and cumquat with notes of Kiwi fruit and grapefruit.

VARIETIES: 57% Semillon & 43% Viognier, 23.

ANALYSIS: Alc/Vol: 13%, Titratable Acidity:  5.7 g/l, pH: 3.47, Residual Sugar: 0.1 g/l.


iSeries 2023 East of Alice White
iSeries 2023 East of Alice White