Happs 2021 Fortis

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Fortis is the name we have given to what was previoulsy known as our Happs Vintage Port. We abandoned the name because the Portuguese imposed their right to the exclusive use of their locational name. However, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so we continue to grow some classic Port varieties such as Touriga, Tinta Cao and Souzao in our Dunsborough vineyard where they do very well.  

AROMA: A very attractive and intense aroma of ripe plum, brandy, liquorice and liqueur cherry with hints of jam and cracked pepper.

PALATE: A densely flavoured rich wine displaying dark berry fruit, ripe plum, dark chocolate and rum and raison characters with evident high quality brandy spirit. It is a wine with great tannin structure, length of flavour and balance. The palate is sweet and luscious yet contains sufficient tannin and alcohol to provide a dry finish which we believe is the hallmark of great Vintage Port. A wine that should be enjoyed often!

VARIETIES: Touriga(46%), Tinta Cao,(37%) Souzao(17%).

ANALYSIS: Alc/Vol:18.0%, Titratable Acidity: 5.9 g/L, pH: 4.00, Residual Sugar: 3.7g/L.

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Happs 2021 Fortis
Happs 2021 Fortis