Happs 2020 Garnet

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The variety 'Muscat a petit grains', or simply 'Brown Muscat' that is used to make our Garnet ripens early and, if left to hang on the vine, produces grapes of unsurpassed concentration, flavour and aroma. Our Garnet style is a fortified wine, but a new age example with an alcohol of 17.7% rather than the usual 20%. The lower alcohol enhances the sweetness and lusciousness of the wine and avoids any late palate alcohol hotness. A great wine choice to finish any evening particularly when there is a chill in the air. 

AROMA: Intense Muscat character, reminding one of perfume and flowers, particularly roses but also musk stick and a hint of liqueur cherry.

PALATE: A wonderfully luscious sweet dessert wine with intense flavours of liqueur cherry, toffee apple and confectionary. Rich, long and satisfying.

VARIETY: Muscat a Petit Grains rouge (Brown Muscat)

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Happs 2020 Garnet
Happs 2020 Garnet