Japneet connects with her mum in India

“I arrived in India on 22 January, just in time for my mum's birthday. They live in Chandigarh, it’s in the northern part of India, say 250 kilometres up north from Delhi, on the foothills of the lower Himalayas, which are known as the lower Sivalik Hills.

“As we all know since January 2020 the world has been going through a very unpredictable situation. This has affected all of us emotionally. I had a very deep feeling my family, especially my mum, and dad, needed to feel that I’m here for them, as living in another country with the borders closed was really challenging. The unpredictable nature of current times and the uncertainty of meeting was taking its toll in some respects. 

“It is a heart’s comfort to be here at home in Chandigarh, even though Dunsborough is home as well. 

“My day usually starts in my home clay studio sorting and cleaning, a visit to my dads’ metal workshop and evenings with mum around town. We spend dinner time together and occasionally I will visit my extended family.

“I’ll be back in Dunsborough shortly, just after my birthday – just in time to be back in the pottery and gallery for the Easter school holidays.

“I can’t wait to kick-off with our locals’ pottery lessons when I’m back and our new professional pottery courses. And to see some of the new tableware pieces that our resident pottery artist, Gary Hambleton, has been working on.

“See you all soon.”