Maple Roasted Pork Belly Paired With Three Hills Sangiovese 


  • 1 Rolled pork belly shoulder
  • 2L Bone broth or vegetable stock
  • 100ml maple syrup
  • 2 bunches of baby carrots
  • 2 bunches of baby beets
  • 1kg baby Kipflers
  • 400g Golden shallots
  • 4 Star Anise
  • 2 Cassia Bark
  • 1 Tsp Fennel seeds


  • Place pork belly in overproof tray with one litre of both broth.
  • Score the skin with a sharp knife, rub with salt and brush with oil and cover in baking paper and foil.
  • Place in oven at 140 degrees Celsius for two to three hours. Check for liquid content during cooking. Top up with water as required and then allow to rest. Remove foil.
  • Add one-litre of bone broth and maple syrup to the saucepan. Add spices and reduce by half, reserve.
  • Blanche the baby carrots in boiling water until tender and set aside.
  • Place baby beets and baby Kipflers in cold water in the pan and cook on simmer until tender and set aside. Once cool remove the skin from the beets.
  • Peel the Golden Shallots and cut in half, cover with knob of butter and water and simmer until tender.
  • Once pork is rested place the blanched vegetables around the pork and drizzle with olive oil.
  • Place in 220 degrees Celsius oven for 20-25 minutes until  you have golden crispy crackling.
  • Once cooked let rest for 10 minutes, then carve and pour over the reduced maple broth and serve with roast vegetables.

Enjoy with a glass of Three Hills Sangiovese.