Happs 2020 Preservative Free Red

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PF stands for preservative free. This wine has no sulphur dioxide at any stage of its manufacture.

This is the age of concern for the environment and us. ‘Chemicals’ are suspect, whether in the soil, the crops, or by way of processing additives. The fear is the chemical ends up in us and “does us a mischief”.

Some of us have acquired a sensitivity to sulphur dioxide and this wine is one that will not inflame that condition. The wine relies upon potent natural factors for its conservation namely:

1. Clean disease-free fruit

2. Hand harvesting to avoid fruit damage

3. Transport in small containers to avoid crushing the fruit

4. Sufficient alcohol

5. Abundant tannin

6. pH antagonistic to spoilage organisms

7. Optimising conditions for a clean ferment

8. Cool temperatures in conservation

9. Deprivation of substrate that would support micro-organisms

10. Deprivation of nutrient

11. Deprivation of oxygen during conservation

12. Close filtration prior to bottling as a security factor

13. Extraordinarily careful winemaking techniques.

Life: PF Red will hold its condition in the bottle as well as any wine containing preservative. A minimum of five years may be expected. A tasting of all our PF Reds since 1994 confirmed the point. There is little however to be gained in cellaring beyond four years. It is our aim to produce a wine that can be consumed with satisfaction from release.

AROMA: Lifted floral aroma that displays both black and blue fruits, with hints of liquorice, choc mint, plum, graphite and spice.  

PALATE: A medium-full bodied wine with good structure and flavours of dark cherry, black currant, coffee and ripe raspberries with hints of cola, rum and raison, dark chocolate and dried herbs. The tannins are quite velvety and the finish is long and mouth-watering.

VARIETIES: Merlot (34%), Shiraz (14%), Grenache (13%) Cabernet (23%) and others.

ANALYSIS: Alc/Vol: 14.1%, Titratable Acidity: 6.2 g/l, pH: 3.67, Residual Sugar: < 0.5 g/l. 


Happs 2020 Preservative Free Red
Happs 2020 Preservative Free Red