Happs 2021 Preservative Free White

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No added sulphites.

In 1987, Erl Happ pioneered the production of sulphite-free wine in the South West. Since then, we've perfected our process to create enjoyable and drinkable wines that our customers have come to love.

At Happs, we understand that many wine consumers suffer from allergies and may not be able to enjoy their favourite wine due to the use of preservatives like sulphur dioxide. That's why we've developed careful techniques to create elegant wines without the use of any sulphites.

Our preservative-free white blend is a perfect example of this philosophy. When you taste our preservative-free white blend, you'll be greeted by a complex aroma that displays pastry and crème Brulé characteristics from the wine's malolactic fermentation. You'll also detect notes of stone fruit, white flowers, cumquat, lemon rind, apple pie, cashew nut and bread.

Our state-of-the-art filler and screw capper protect the wine from the oxidative effects typically encountered at bottling.

Our preservative-free wines hold their condition in the bottle for a minimum of five years.

The rest of our secret techniques for maintaining the wine's quality remain a mystery.

So, whether you have allergies or just prefer to drink unspoiled preservative-free wine, our white blend is an excellent choice.

We invite you to taste the difference for yourself and discover a wine that is both uncomplicated and at its naked best.

Discover more about our popular preservative-free wines - happs.com.au/pages/preservative-free-wine

AROMA: A complex aroma that displays the pastry & crème brulee characteristics of the wines malolactic fermentation plus stone fruit, white flowers, cumquat and lemon rind with notes of apple pie, cashew nut and bread.

PALATE: A richly flavoured wine displaying toast, butter and almond meal with fig, quince, lemon butter and apple cider. The wine is round and textural with a long creamy finish. 


Happs 2021 Preservative Free White
Happs 2021 Preservative Free White