Happs 2022 Preservative Free Pink (Rosé)

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o added sulphites.

In 1987, Erl Happ pioneered the production of sulphite-free wine in the South West. Since then, we've perfected our process to create enjoyable and drinkable wines that our customers have come to love.

We understand that many wine consumers suffer from allergies and may not be able to enjoy their favourite wine due to the use of preservatives like sulphur dioxide. That's why we've developed careful techniques to create elegant wines without the use of any sulphites.

Our preservative-free rosé is a perfect example of this philosophy. When you taste our preservative-free rosé, you'll be greeted with an aroma of bright-red berry fruit and creamy strawberries. It's a delectably light wine with plenty of texture and a refreshing, crisp finish.

Whether you have allergies or just prefer to drink unspoiled preservative-free wine, our preservative-free rosé is an excellent choice. We invite you to taste the difference for yourself and discover a wine that is at its naked best.

Our preservative-free wines hold their condition in the bottle as well as any wine containing preservatives. You can expect a minimum of three years of shelf life.

A state-of-the-art filler and screw capper protects the wine from the oxidative effects typically encountered at bottling.

We take great care in every step of the process to ensure the quality of our wines, and we believe you'll taste the difference.

Enjoy a preservative-free wine at its naked best.  

Discover more about our popular preservative-free wines -happs.com.au/pages/preservative-free-wine

AROMA: Bright red berry fruit and creamy strawberries. Perfumed and pretty.

PALATE: A delectably light rosé with plenty of texture and a lovely crisp finish. A perfect picnic wine that won't cause any allergies!  

VARIETY: 61% Merlot. 20% Viognier + 19% Muscat


Happs 2022 Preservative Free Pink (Rosé)
Happs 2022 Preservative Free Pink (Rosé)