Words from Erl

Why Do I Make Wine?
By Erl Happ

I want to make wine that is better. It’s flavour is preferred.
There are lots of useful things that I could make other than wine. For more than 20 years I was off at a tangent making pottery. That was a very engaging task. I made the clay from local soils, sought glaze materials in the local environment, made high temperature kilns out of which emerged a flood of beautiful and useful stuff for everyday use. I sold at craft rather than art prices making a very good income, supporting a family and relishing the opportunity to be my own boss.
The engagement with wine was stimulated by John Gladstone’s inspiring studies that compared the local climate with that in Bordeaux. Backing his judgment Gladstones wrote that the Cape to Cape area matched the climate of Bordeaux in a great year. It wasn’t at all obvious. Bordeaux is at latitude 54° north, the Capes area 33° south. The two hemispheres are very different, one mostly land the other mostly water, colder water at that.
You start with an aspiration. You want to make wine that can be compared with the best there is. You need to work out what ‘good’ and ‘great’ is. And when you fall short of the mark you ask why. And adjust. In fact you never stop wondering, adjusting, problem solving, learning and trying. You never relax. Read the entire page HERE