Vintage 2019 at Happs Wines

Similar to the 2017 vintage, 2019 commenced significantly later than the long-term norm and extended through to the end of April. Mild, cooler weather during late 2018 was beneficial for vine growth and an atypical heavy rain event in mid-January brought a recharge to soil water just when it was needed.  This was followed by fine, mild weather to get the vintage underway until mid-vintage when minor rain events and high humidity mid-March presented some challenges.  There was a significant degree of finger-crossing and praying for the weather to turn and luckily, we were blessed with beautiful weather until the end of April which was particularly advantageous for reds and late-ripening varieties. In summary, 2019 was comparatively a late and long season with some weather and disease pressure challenges mid-way through vintage. However, with good management we have achieved a high-quality harvest, albeit with lower yields than last year.