Three Hills Vineyard

"A Fortunate Site"

"It's a vineyard designed for the vines rather than the tractor. There's no compromise in creating the ideal environment for the vine or its fruit." Erl Happ

The site of the Three Hills Vineyard was selected after years of research by Erl Happ into the relationship between climate and the character of the wine delivered. The data he collected led him to the decision that the Southern extremity of the Margaret River region was the ideal location to establish Happs new vineyard.

In 1994 the purchase of property on Brockman highway began our exciting journey at the Three Hills Estate.

Since then we have farmed the property with a holistic philosophy. The treatment of the soil is essential and we minimise the use of tractors in the vineyard as they cause soil compaction. We do not use any herbicides or pesticides and rely on organic methods to maintain vine health. All of our grapes are hand picked.

Vineyard Specifics

Every Grape is hand-picked

Exploring the Range of Possibilities