Studio Space for our clay community

Hire your own studio space - perfect for potters who work independently but need a dedicated creative space to design new pieces, tackle a specific project as well as try new techniques and develop new skills.

Our studio space includes: a hand building table, slab roller, pottery wheel, drying racks, dedicated space for work in progress and access to studio tools and equipment.

You can purchase a clay bag in our gallery, or bring along any Stoneware cone 10 clay.

Studio times: 10:3am – 4:30pm.


  • $80 per day
  • $320 for five days
  • $640 for 10 days
  • $1200 for the month.

Kiln Equipment Hire

You can also hire our electric kiln equipment.


  • $125 for bisque firing up to 1000 C
  • $155 for glaze firing up to 1280 C

For more information contact Japneet Keith on