Pioneers of the Flavour Frontier

Back in the 1970s two young teachers named Erl and Ros Happ were inspired to plant a wide range of grape varieties in the Margaret River region.This pioneering spirit has paid off; today the estate vineyards produce more than 30 grape varieties and a comprehensive portfolio of wines sold nationally and exported around the world.
A distinctive feature of the Happs winery history is the family’s artistic flair and ongoing patronage of the arts. Erl and Ros built the onsite workshop and gallery as a space to create in themselves as well as a showcase of local talent. Over the years many potters, artists, jewellers, sculptors and musicians have used Happs as a home for their creativity and talent. So many wonderful things have come out of one single location over the years; three remarkable children, five dogs, four cats, thousands of artworks and hundreds of wines.
To spend time with the Happs family is to experience a bright flair of imagination which is grounded in reality; a wonderful combination that is manifested in all that they produce.