Jobs @ Happs

Pottery Production & Industrial Designer Manager

Happs Pottery is seeking an enthusiastic, imaginative, business-minded applicant to manage all stages of pottery production, sales and customer service at our location on Commonage Road, Quindalup. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in management of all areas of pottery production, particularly in relation to working with clay on a commercial scale, particularly with Jigger Jolly and Slip Cast techniques.
Along with proven skills and techniques in all facets of pottery production, the applicant should also be business minded with a focus on promoting visitation and driving gallery sales. The manager will also be responsible for increasing and maintaining the interactive nature of the pottery at Happs. This includes but is not limited to advertising and running various pottery workshops (children and adults) and private tutorials along with overseeing customised orders. The introduction of new projects to increase awareness and interest in the art of pottery will also be under the remit of the management role. Each new project will require strategic planning as the success of the Happs Pottery brand relies on the sound judgement, character and flair of this candidate.
This role will report directly to Erl Happ, founder of Happs Winery and Pottery. Erl is an accomplished potter and will consult on the direction and success of the pottery under new management.
Essential Skills:
• Hand-thrown pottery
• Experience with large scale pottery production

  • Jigger Jolly
  • Slip Cast
  • Mould Making

• Proven experience running an interactive pottery studio
• A degree in Design
• Portfolio of works recently completed
• Two x character references from students you have taught in the last year
• 3 years’ experience in studio pottery

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to  Applications close 5pm Sunday the 7th February, 2021.