Happs Wines - Gallery

Happs Pottery began in Vasse in the early 1970s. The current workshop and gallery located at our Dunsborough Cellar Door was established in 1978. It was built as the workshop of Erl and Ros Happ, three generations of family and many interested friends. Clay and glaze materials were processed on site and a large, sooty, two chamber trolley kiln fired with diesel oil was at the heart of it all. When you walked in you saw potters at work, clay being prepared, pug mills, a ball mill, dust everywhere and lots of ware in preparation. In those days we divided our time between the pottery, the vineyard and the winery according to the season.

Erl’s involvement in the pottery came to an end about 1985 when his sons Myles and Jeremy became active potters. The gallery at Happs remains a showcase of beautiful creations and occasionally host artists at work; producing pots and paintings before our visitors eyes. We also offer a wide range of gorgeous handicrafts and jewellery from local artisans.

We endeavour to have artists and potters in residence working inside, or out the back of the gallery throughout the year. This provides our visitors with a unique ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the creative process and the hard work that goes into it. We recently had the pleasure of hosting potter Gary Hambelton and customers were delighted to have the chance to sit at the potter’s wheel for a quick demonstration or to watch a potter at work.

OPEN DAILY 10am - 5pm. Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday and from 10am - 12pm on Anzac Day.