Happs Family History

Written by Erl Happ based on information provided by uncle Bert Happ, brother Peter, and our contemporaries in the Eastern states, Robert, and Steve Happ.
Nobody keeps diaries any more. The stuff that we are interested in tends to be regarded as either banal or too dangerous to commit to print. The attitude that I met when I inquired of my Uncle George about his parents and grandparents was that they were all God Fearing, well behaved types and ‘let’s leave it at that, shall we’! But I knew that every family has its black sheep (my dad for instance) so that didn’t cut any mustard with me.

Family are the people who, when you really need help, you can count on them, but they are also your keenest critics. They don’t hold back. Family members who are in business together do not give each other the respect and tolerance that non family members get. That behaviour begins in the nursery and it’s always simmering below the surface. It’s a by-product of passion..... READ ON