Fruit of the Flavour Frontier

Along with many, we are believers that great wines are made in the vineyard. Our entire range is produced from estate grown fruit and our two vineyard locations offer a diversity of soil type and climatic influence. Our northern Dunsborough site enjoys a warmer growing season of rich and ripe qualities while the southern ‘Three Hills’ property brings cooler-climate elegance and finesse to the harvest each vintage.
Both vineyards share a unique trellis system not seen anywhere else in the region, the “Up and Over Lyre”. The open, solar-effective vine canopy maximises aroma and flavour development while increasing air flow to reduce pest and disease pressure. This allows us to employ an environmentally sustainable management regime and the avoidance of herbicide use altogether. As a result, soil microorganisms thrive and the vines are better for it.
All fruit is hand-harvested by an army of backpackers who annually enjoy the warm hospitality of the Happs family and staff. The fruit arrives at the winery in perfect condition, requiring little or no addition of sulphite and can be cooled prior to crushing. Under these circumstances it is possible to produce wines that are low in, or entirely free of sulphite.
Our vines are dry-grown. It is our belief that the making of iconic wines requires soils that are sufficiently deep to sustain a mature plant without irrigation while being shallow enough to ensure the vine runs out of easily obtainable moisture in January. This essential feature forges wines that are rich in flavour, colour and natural tannins; wines that will drink well early in their life and further improve in the bottle.