Three Hills 2019 Tannat

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We are very excited to release a Tannat from the auspicious 2018 vintage.
Tannat is historically grown in South West France in the Madiran appellation and is now one of the most prominent grapes in Uruguay (where it is known as Harriague), where it is considered the "national grape". It is also grown in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, South Africa and in the Italian region of Apulia, where it is used as a blending grape.
Tannat is known for its unique tannin profile which often supports a surprising supple and abundant fruitiness, overlaid with floral notes.

This variety begs for food that brings the hearty duo of high protein and high fat to the table. Why? The fats and proteins soften the intense gripping quality of tannins. The happy pairings of beef, sausage, cassoulet, roasted lamb, duck confit, and assorted aged cheese will gladly serve to soften the pairing and amplify the rich vibe of the food itself.

AROMA: Violets, mulberry, blueberry and plum with hints of choc mint, eucalypt and cola.

PALATE: An elegant yet powerful wine with an abundance of fruit and tannin. It displays both red and blue berry fruit flavours, with hints of rhubarb, plum skin and dark chocolate. This is a wine for those who enjoy chalky tannins or have the patience to cellar.

VARIETIES: 100% Tannat


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Three Hills 2019 Tannat
Three Hills 2019 Tannat