Happs 2021 Preservative Free Pink

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If you love rosé but suffer from an asthmatic type response to wine, headaches or other inconvenience – our new PF Pink is perfect for you.

Whilst preservative free rosé is a relatively new addition to our range we have had a long history making wine without the use of sulphur dioxide.

This is still considered frontier stuff in winemaking and it is only for the brave and the careful.

The wine is made from fruit from our vineyard in Karridale. It goes through 100% malolactic fermentation – a necessity when making this style.

A state-of-the-art filler and screw capper protects the wine from the oxidative effects typically encountered at bottling. The rest must remain secret.

Expected life: Designed for early summer drinking but can be expected to remain fresh and vibrant over a minimum of two years.

AROMA: Bright red berry fruit and creamy strawberries. Perfumed and pretty.

PALATE: A delectably light rosé with plenty of texture and a lovely crisp finish. A perfect picnic wine that won't cause any allergies!  

VARIETY: 57% Muscat + 43% Semillon.

ANALYSIS: Alc/Vol:12.8%, Titratable Acidity: 5.5 g/l, pH: 3.28, Residual Sugar: 0.2 g/l.


Happs 2021 Preservative Free Pink
Happs 2021 Preservative Free Pink