The Happs Estate Range

2017 Happs Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a demanding grape variety. Its flavours degrade when temperatures rise above 30C and it is not as stable during the winemaking process. In mainland Australia it ripens in January or February, the warmest months of the year. There is a tiny part of Victoria and Western Australia and a good part of Tasmania and New Zealand where success is achievable.

We think that the southern extreme of the Margaret River wine region produces a distinctive and attractive Pinot Noir. At our Three Hills vineyard in Karridale we are fortunate to experience cooler temperatures which allow retain of fragile aromatics and flavours. Here is your chance to test that assertion. Compare our Happs Pinot with others. Be prepared to outlay $50 to $150 for an Australian or New Zealand example and perhaps $300 plus for a renowned French Burgundy. As Ross brown says “Consumers can come in at a level that gives them great value and a great drink.”


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