Happs 2022 Pale Gold

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Pale Gold is a lightly fortified wine made from a blend of white varieties. Being fortified to 15.5% rather than the traditional 18% it exhibits more of the character of the native fruit and less of the high alcohol spirit that is used to fortify it.

We are very pleased with the way in which the grape flavours in this wine have absorbed the spirit character.

Part of the secret of wines of this type is that they retain more of the flavour molecules that are bound to sugar than a dry wine. This accounts for the depth of flavour and fruitiness of a good fortified.

The name ‘Pale Gold’ is derived from a passage in the novel ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R. Tolkien. ‘Pale enchanted gold’ is discovered in ‘dungeons deep and caverns old’, a fair description of our mud brick winery built in 1978.

AROMA: Complex and pretty aroma that is distinctly grapey with quince, pear, fig, musk and orange rind aromatics.

FLAVOUR:  An intense sweet luscious wine that displays pear, peach, fig, melon, grapefruit and nectarine flavours. The palate is long and rich with a good acid structure, well integrated spirit and a persistent after taste of honey dew melon.


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Happs 2022 Pale Gold
Happs 2022 Pale Gold